XG Series Membrane Filter Press Export To Russia Used In Environmental Engineering Company Of Water Treatment Industry

2022-07-06 15:12:15

Russia 3AO company has been our excellent partners. They provide service for environmental engineering company of water treatment industry in Russia, what they always purchase in our company is XG series membrane filter press( compare with ordinary filter press, membrane filter press even can reduce the cake moisture content to 15%).

Until May 20, 2014, 3AO company has regularly purchase about 20 batches equipments from us, Including 16 sets XG30/800-30U, 5 sets XG40/800-30U, 4 sets XG50/800-30U, 4 sets XG20/800-30U, 3 sets XG15/800-30U and 1 set XG10/800-30U. In the meantime, to their raised related problems, all we give timely and effective solution. With 3AO company’s require to accelerate the delivery time, also we keep in stock of their often purchased non-standard filter press(XG20/800-30U, XG15/800-30U, XG10/800-30U).

From May 2011, with three years cooperation, 3AO company give highly evaluation of our filter press quality and service. Also they get more professional and comprehensive knowledge of our filter press. Next step, in order to strengthen cooperation, we are discussing and authorized them as our water treatment engineering agent in Russia to achieve a win-win situation.

Our Hi-Toper company is engaged in filtration equipments supplier and service provider, our equipments including filter presses, belt filter, centrifuge, various filters, filter plates, filter cloth and so on. Since 2006, we have supplied filter press and service to more than 30 overseas countries. If necessary, we will be happy to provide filtration equipment and excellent quality service for other customers.

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