Zhengzhou Toper Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd.
Add.: No.101, Nanyang Road, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, China
Tel.: +86-371-63758707
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Contact Person: Rocky Pan

Why Us

Service Advantage
1. Our company employs over 50 multilingual foreign trade salesmen, who are respectively responsible for serving customer groups from different regions of the world. We can realize unimpeded communication, regardless of business consultation, business cooperation, or technical discussion. Language is no longer an obstacle for customers to selecting a supplier.
2. Before sales, we can help our user select a suitable filter product, and also provide technical consultation service for free. Site investigation is carried out in accordance with the requirements of users. We provide the equipment layout, foundation, and the process flow diagram for free.
3. After sales, we can offer free guidance on the installation and commissioning of filtration equipment. Also, we visit our users at irregular intervals. In this way, we can know service situations in time, and then provide maintenance information for free. User information is stored for a long time. Both wear parts and fittings can be offered timely.

Quality Advantage
1. Our steel materials are purchased from a leading Chinese company, called Shougang Corporation or Baosteel. The supplied materials are examined by a specially-assigned person, so as to make sure that all raw materials conform to production standard.
2. We undertake to develop and design TOPER equipment by ourselves. Our technical team is responsible for the whole pressing-machine manufacturing process from cutting to assembly. The production schedule is tracked at all time.
3. Each processing step is conducted under strict quality control. Any unqualified part is not allowed to enter the next processing step. Any onsite feedback problem will be reported to a responsible person.
4. Each product of leaving our factory is rigorously tested, so customers can feel secure to use our equipment.

Price Advantage
1. A complete range of surrounding facilities helps save production costs.
2. All steel materials of TOPER pressing machine are derived from one of the best Chinese suppliers, called Shougang or Baosteel. Its frame is guaranteed with superior quality.
3. The second key factor in producing our filter press is a hydraulic cylinder. Our company has a superior R&D team, the members of which come from the best hydraulic cylinder production place in China. We design and manufacture a high-quality hydraulic cylinder independently.
4. The third key factor in making a filter press is welding technology. Our company adopts automatic welding equipment to manufacture an entire frame, thus guaranteeing the precise dimension, steady structure, and the nice exterior of the frame.
5. In addition, metal processing technology is applied to the whole filter-press production process from turning, milling, boring, to planing. A variety of small and medium-sized metal processing factories are distributed around our factory. They take charge of processing all equipment sets that have been designed and assembled by us. In this way, we can greatly reduce equipment costs and labor costs.