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Company Profile

HI-TOPER is the fine line of separation that defines industry-leading filtration and centrifugal processes. As a prominent Chinese manufacturer, we can provide highly specialized equipment such as the automatic filter press, membrane filter press, hydraulic compressing filter press, stainless steel filter press, and the DY series belt filter press. Other popular choices include the PD series bag-lifting centrifuge and the LW series decanter centrifuge. These filters and separators are utilized extensively for solid-liquid separation within industries such as food, beverage, brewing, mining, textiles, ceramics, tanning, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, papermaking, electroplating, pharmaceutical, printing and dyeing, coal washing, sewage treatment, and environmental protection.

HI-TOPER was incorporated in 1997. Our workshops occupy 250,000 square meters and continue to expand at a sustained pace. Over the span of more than a decade, we have made remarkable breakthroughs. The reputation of our product is steadily gaining momentum across all potential markets. By 2006, we had established cooperation with over 200 companies in more than 30 countries and regions worldwide including America, Canada, Russia, Italy, Spain, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brazil, Algeria, etc.

The frame of HI-TOPER products is crated from manganese steel, an alloy with a rated tensile strength that is 1.4 times higher than common carbon steel. CO2 shielded welding technology is utilized for the processing of components including the frame, press plate, and the thrust plate. All welded pieces are sandblasted via a high-speed centrifugal blasting machine to completely eradicate rust. We utilize high-strength epoxy resin paint to further enhance resistance against rust and corrosion.

We can provide satisfactory solutions for all types of filtration problem that may occur during industrial production. Our goal is to improve production efficiency to save time and money for customers everywhere. Our representatives are on standby to assist you in making informed purchase. Through sincere and considerate conduct, we will foster long-term cooperation. Prospective customers can visit us on-site for guided tours and personalized consultations.