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Customer Case Studies
1. Our customer from Palestine needs to filter the apple pulp of 2 tons per hour.

Solution: We recommend the customer our DY750 belt filter press that can offer continuously dewatering. In accordance with different slurry, the handling capacity of a single machine varies from 6 to 9m³.

Result: After dehydration, the water content rate of filter cakes ranges from 50% to 60%.

2. Our customer from Russia requires that the capacity of handling sewage reaches 4m³/h. Solids include fish feces and uneaten fish food. They can be dried and processed to serve as a fertilizer.

Solution: Our XGZ30/870-30U membrane filter press is an ideal choice for the customer. Its filter plates can be pulled at one time during discharge process. This results in shortened discharging time and improved working efficiency.

Result: After dehydration, the water content rate of filter cakes is only 15%. Filtrate can be recycled, which can greatly reduce costs.

3. A customer from Turkey demands to deal with the CaCO3-containing mixture of 20m³ per hour.

Solution: We suggest that the customer can use an ordinary chamber filter press with model of XZ350/1500-30U. This machine is designed with an automatic cake discharge device, which can save much manpower, and also improve working efficiency.

Result: After dehydration, the water content rate of filter cakes is approximately 35%.

4. Our clientele from Ukraine wants a machine which can handle municipal sewage of 16m³ per hour in a sewage treatment plant.

Solution: We recommend the clientele our DY1500 belt filter press which is a continuously operating machine with its handling capacity of 12-18m³ per hour.

Result: This machine can continuously work. It can completely remove biological sludge and oils from wastewater.

5. A client from Tajikistan needs a machine to process sodium silicate of 20m³/h, and the water content rate is approximately 10%.

Solution: We recommend the client to use a membrane filter press with model of XG100/1250-35U. This kind of filter press allows the water content rate of Na2SiO3 filter cakes to reach 40%. It can bear temperature of up to 120 degrees Celsius.

Result: After disposal, the actual water content rate of filter cakes is 30%. Our client is quite satisfied with this result.

6. Our clientele from Tunisia needs to recycle waste lubrication oil of 1000L/h. In addition, carclazyte is requested to be eliminated. The filtering temperature is 160 degrees Celsius.

Solution: Considering the handling capacity, we suggest the clientele use our cast iron filter press with model of BY40/630-25. This machine can bear temperature of 280 degrees Celsius. It is perfect for filtering high-temperature slurry.

Result: Cotton cloth is used as filter medium. Solids have been completely removed.

7. A customer from Iran wants a machine to provide a syrup handling capacity of 30m³/h. The solids content varies from 12 to 15%. The temperature ranges from 80 to 90 degrees Celsius.

Solution: We suggest using a membrane filer press with model of XG120/1000-30U.

Result: This membrane filter press adopts an air compressor to inflate a filter plate. It allows filter cakes to be compressed twice. Then, exceptional dewatering performance can be realized.

8. Our customers from Italy want to get a machine with its electroplating-wastewater handling capacity of 40m³/h. The filtering temperature is 60 degrees Celsius.

Solution: A membrane filter press with model of XGZY200/1500-35U is recommended.

Result: After dehydration, the water content rate of filter cakes is approximately 20%. Liquid discharged by the filter is so clean that it can be used repeatedly.

Following are filtering-effect pictures. Please check the information below.

Filtering Effect of Project Cases