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1. Mining Industry
TOPER filter press can be applied in mining industry. It is ideal for dewatering tailings and various concentrates such as the gold mine, silver mine, copper mine, and the lead-zinc mines, among others.

2. Coal Industry
Our filter press is also found in coal industry. For instance, it can be used to dewater the 200 mesh of flocculated coal with its content of 94.6%. The water content of filter cakes ranges from 24 to 28%. The handling capacity varies from 0.28 to 0.35t/㎡·h.

3. Metal Smelting Industry
TOPER filter press can be applied in non-ferrous metal metallurgy industry. In copper smelting process, our equipment is used for sewage treatment of electrolyte and the recycling of rare metals. In aluminum oxide industry, it plays a vital role in dewatering red mud. Additionally, the equipment is desirable for sewage disposal in lead-zinc smelting process.

4. Petroleum Industry
When applied in petroleum industry, the filter press can be utilized for oil dewaxing and the recycling of waste oil.

5. Chemical Industry
Our filter press is also applicable for electrolytic sewage treatment in chemical industry. This machine can eliminate acid hydrolysis residues produced in the titanium dioxide manufacturing process, and the recovery rate of titanium solution reaches 91.8%. Also, the machine can remove solid impurities when carbide slag is used to produce potassium chlorate.

6. Textile Industry
In textile industry, TOPER filter press gives the function of purifying wastewater produced in printing and dyeing process.

7. Papermaking Industry
TOPER filter press can purify the sewage produced in papermaking process, so as to reduce the discharge of hazardous substances.

8. Photovoltaic Industry
In photovoltaic industry, TOPER membrane filter press can treat wastewater produced in the PV product manufacturing process. Also, it is applicable for the recycling of waste slurry.

9. Pharmaceutical Industry
TOPER stainless steel filter press is fit for treating sewage produced in pharmaceutical manufacturing process.

10. Food Industry
Our PP plate filter press can be used in food industry. It is able to remove impurities from the honey, olive oil, palm oil, and the cane sugar, etc.