Filter and Separation Equipment Manufacturer

HI-TOPER is a professional Chinese manufacturer of industrial filter press and solid liquid separation equipment. Our bestselling products include the pressure filter, belt filter presses, as well as the plate and frame filter press. Our filter press machine can function as a type of metal ore and coal mine dewatering equipment. In the metal smelting industry, it is often utilized for wastewater treatment. In the petroleum industry, it can serve as a type of oil recovery equipment. Additionally, it is perfect for water purification within the printing and dyeing industry. Our scope of expertise involves professional solutions for both industrial filtration and water treatment.

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    1. Filter Press

      Filter press can be categorized into plate-and-frame filter press and chamber filter press. It is a kind of intermittent pressure filtration equipment for the solid-liquid separation of various suspensions

    1. Belt Filter Press

      The DY series belt filter press is developed by HI-TOPER and Chinese research institutes on basis of the introduction of advanced technology from abroad. Thenew filter equipment is used extensively for sludge dewatering

    1. Centrifuge

      The SS series top discharge centrifuge features manual top discharge. It is a filtration centrifuge with intermittent operation. This product is ideal for the separation of suspensions with solids content of at least 0.01mm.

    1. Filter

      The diatomite filter, also called D.E. filter, is made from superior-quality stainless steel 1Cr8Ni9Ti. It introduces advanced technology from abroad. This product allows Chinese beverage industry to take a further step

    1. Rotary Disc Vacuum Filter

      The rotary disc vacuum filter is a kind of solid liquid separation equipment, which utilizes vacuum as driving force. This product is commonly used for filtering and dewatering various materials such as the iron ore concentrates, non-ferrous metal concentrates, non-metallic ore concentrates, and the tailings.

    1. Automatic Filter Press
    2. Automatic Filter Press

      The reinforced polypropylene filter plate is formed by several patented technologies. It gives smooth surface, high strength, light weight, and strong chemical resistance. Additionally, it is odorless and non-toxic.
      An automatic hydraulic unit is utilized to press and release the filter plate.

    1. Membrane Filter Press
    2. Membrane Filter Press

      Polypropylene membrane gives ultra strong resistance to both chemicals and ageing. It is durable, odorless, and non-toxic. High-elasticity formulation provides the optimum membrane effect to squeeze and dewater the filter cakes directly. Built-in suspension structure features convenient installation

    1. Hydraulic Compressing Filter Press
    2. Hydraulic Compressing Filter Press

      This hydraulic compressing filter press adopts a hydraulic station to supply pressure stably, and also drive a press plate to compress all filter plates.
      Once a pressure gauge reaches a preset value, the press plate will stop working, while simultaneously the hydraulic station will continue running to maintain a certain amount of pressure.

    1. Stainless Steel Filter Press
    2. Stainless Steel Filter Press

      Therefore, it features strong corrosion resistance and high durability. Its filter plate adopts thread-like structure.
      Filter materials are replaceable in accordance with different filter media and production processes such as the primary filter, half fine filter, and the fine filter.