Filter Press Of Stainless Steel Palte

Overview of filter press:

It is Suitable for variety suspension’s solid-liquid separation. It is widely used in food, environmental protection, light industry, medicine, chemical industry, metallurgy, oil and other industries. It is especially suitable for large quantities of beer, liquor, wine; cooking oil and other liquid beverage fine filter or filter sterilization.

Overview of filter press :

Suspension is pumped into each closed filter chamber of the filter press by feed pump. Due to pressure, the filtrate is discharged out of machine from outlet through the filter layer and filter cloth, and the residue is kept in the filter box to achieve the solid-liquid separation purpose.

The filter frame and filter plate is sealed by cardboard or filter material. It is a kind of stainless frame precision filter(also known as stainless steel board filter) with filter area of 2㎡ or more. The below is fitted with placement of a fixed horizontal cardboard rod, and it is easy to set filter material. It can reach sterilization effect with precision sterilization cardboard to process variety of wine.

  • Structure of filter press
  • Development history
  • Type of filter press

The filter press is composed of frame, filter plate, pressing system (manual, mechanical, hydraulic and other types) and electrical control system. The frame part plays the role of supporting the pressing device and filter plate, and is composed of base, pressing plate, thrust plate and main beam. The filter plate is installed on the main beam between the compression plate and the thrust plate, and filter media such as filter cloth are installed in the middle of the filter plate.

In 1853, the filter press was invented in England for oil filtration. The main development of filter press technology began in the middle of the 20th century. In 1958, the Japanese successfully developed the world's first automatic horizontal filter press to improve the removal efficiency of filter cake and reduce the moisture content of filter cake. Later, a diaphragm filter plate filter press was developed in Japan to reduce the moisture in the filter cake. The advantages of diaphragm filter press increase the opportunities of filter press in various industrial applications. Filter presses were often used to extract sugar from sugar beets and sugarcane and to dry pulp in the late 19th century and beyond. Now, the world's largest filter press manufacturing base and application market are in China.

The basic types of filter press include: plate and frame filter press, chamber filter press, membrane filter press, etc. According to the different compression methods and automation, the types of filter presses include: program-controlled automatic plate pulling filter press, hydraulic compression filter press, mechanical compression filter press, Jack compression filter press, manual screw compression filter press, etc. If different filter plate materials are considered, the filter press can also be divided into PP filter plate filter press, cast iron filter plate filter press and stainless steel filter plate filter press.

Application of filter press :

Filter presses have a variety of applications, from pulp dewatering to plasma purification. At the same time, filter press technology is widely used in ultra-fine coal dehydration and filtrate recovery in coal preparation plants. The industrial applications of automatic diaphragm filter press include dewatering of municipal sewage sludge, recovery of ready mixed concrete water and recovery of metal concentrate. Box filter press is widely used in saccharification operation because it provides very high efficiency and reliability. It is popular in maple syrup production in Canada and sugar beet and sugarcane production in countries such as Pakistan and Indonesia.

Filter press is also widely used in food, beverage, wine making, medicine, oil, chemical industry, papermaking, printing and dyeing, coating, electroplating, ceramics, leather and industrial sewage treatment.

  • Filter plate material
  • Filter media
  • Pretreatment

Currently, the filter plate of filter press is made of polymer or polymer coated steel. According to the needs, the filter plate can also choose cast iron or stainless steel materials, which provide a good drainage surface for the filter cloth. The size range of the filter plate is 250 ×250 mm to 2.0 × 2.0 meters, and larger or smaller sizes are available.

Filter press usually uses filter cloth as filter medium, which is made of polypropylene filter cloth, non-woven fabric, cotton cloth, etc. filter paper board, cotton pulp board or filter membrane can also be used as filter medium as required. Generally, the cake thickness of plate and frame filter press can reach 50 mm, but in extreme cases, it can be increased to 200 mm. The box filter press (concave filter press) can form a filter cake with a thickness of 30-40mm.

Before using the filter press for filtration, if the solid suspension has precipitated, the mixed liquid needs to be pretreated, which can improve the performance of the filter press because it increases the porosity of the filter cake, thus speeding up the filtration speed. The size of floc can be controlled by changing temperature, concentration and pH value. In addition, if the filter cake is impermeable and not conducive to the flow of filtrate, filter aids can be added in the pretreatment process to increase the porosity of the filter cake, reduce the resistance of the filter cake and obtain a thicker filter cake. However, the filter aid needs to be able to be removed from the filter cake by physical or chemical treatment. A common filter aid is diatomite, with a porosity of 0.85.

Optional automatic device of filter press :

Automatic rapping device, quick opening unloading device, automatic warping of filter cloth, automatic cleaning device of filter cloth, automatic bomb door, filter cake conveyor, mud storage bucket, etc.

Available supporting units of filter press system :

Feed pump, cleaning pump, mixing drum, pipeline and valve, air compressor, air storage tank, etc.

Filter Press Of Stainless Steel Palte :

Type  (m2) Plate size  (mm)  (mm) Filter chamber volume (L)  (pcs)  (pcs)  (MPa)  (kg) Dimensions (mm) (L x W x H)
BAQ1/320 1 320 x 320 25 13 4 5 1 300  1050x700x680
BAQ2/320 2 25 9 10 440 1405x700x680
BAQ3/320 3 38 14 15 600 1650x700x680
BAQ4/450 4 450 x 450 51 9 10 0.8 780  1680x880x900
BAQ6/450 6 76 14 15 995   1980x880x900
BAQ8/450 8 102 19 20 1250   2180x880x900
BAQ10/450 10 122 24 25 1470  2430x880x900
BAQ12/450 12 152 29 30  1700  2680x880x900
BAQ16/450 16 203 39 40  2170  3180x880x900
BAY4/450 4 51 9 10 850  2030x880x900
BAY6/450 6 76 14 15 1070  2280x880x900
BAY8/450 8 102 19 20 1950  2530x880x900
BAY10/450 10 122 24 25  2170  2780x880x900
BAY12/450 12 152 29 30 2400  3030x880x900
BAY16/450 16 203 39 40 2870 3530×880×900
BAQ10/610 10 610 x 610 122 15 16 0.6 2030 2180x950x1010
BAQ12/610 12 152 19 20  2290  2380x950x1010
BAQ15/610 15 189 24 25 2610  2630x950x1010
BAQ20/610 20 250 32 33 3120  3030x950x1010
BAY10/610 10 122 15 16 2730  2230x950x1010
BAY12/610 12 152 19 20  2990  2430x950x1010
BAY15/610 15 189 24 25 3310  2680x950x1010
BAY20/610 20 250 32 33 3820  3080x950x1010
BAQ15/630 15 630 x 630 189 18 19  2620  2325x950x1010
BAQ20/630 20 250 24 25 3100  2630x950x1010
BAQ30/630 30 377 37 38 4130  3280x950x1010
BAY15/630 15 189 18 19 2870  2630x950x1010
BAY20/630 20 250 24 25 3950  2930x950x1010
BAY30/630 30 377 37 38 4980  3580x950x1010
BAY30/800 30 800 x 800 442 22 23 5710  3150x1300x1300
BAY40/800 40 595 30 31 7126  3630x1300x1300
BAY50/800 50 748 38 39  8543  4100x1300x1300

Optional Choice:




Pictures for reference


Automatic cloth cleaning system

It’s installed above the main beam of the filter press. It automatically moves as high pressure water (up to 10Mpa) sprayed out to wash the filter cloths. There are two types: single-sided and double-sided washing. The double type has brush which has better cleaning effect.


Automatic bomb door system

For collecting the liquid leakage from the filter cloth and filter plates, to avoid pollution and contamination of the worksite. It also prevents the filter cake from getting wet.


Automatic vibrating system

This device makes the cake fall off from the filter cloth easier. It is suitable for the viscous material that is difficult to fall off automatically.


Quick open plate system

Belong to the auxiliary discharging filter cake function. A chain is used to link all the filter plates together, so that you can open several pieces of plates at one time. It saves time, reduces labor and improves efficiency.


Sludge storage bucket

For easy collection of the unloaded filter cake after the separation, and convenient transportation of the cake.There are two open modes: electric type and pneumatic type.


Belt conveyor

Used to transport the discharged filter cake. This device is suitable for field-based work. You can put the material on the belt and it will be delivered to the designated place, reducing the labor intensity.

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