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Rotary Disc Vacuum Filter

The rotary disc vacuum filter is a kind of solid liquid separation equipment, which utilizes vacuum as driving force. This product is commonly used for filtering and dewatering various materials such as the iron ore concentrates, non-ferrous metal concentrates, non-metallic ore concentrates, and the tailings.

This rotary disc vacuum filter is designed by learning from the advantages of similar products from abroad. Its overall performance and all components are optimized with view to different characteristics such as the high-density metallic minerals, rapid sedimentation, and the strong impact of solids-containing filtrate on filter pipes.

In addition, the filter disc runs smoothly. The shaft end gives dependable sealing performance. Other extraordinary advantages include high-durability ceramic filter pipe, high-strength filter fan, and large porosity.

Remarkable Features
1. Filter Fan
Based on the particularity of mineral processing industry combined with some defects of existing filter fans, our company has redesigned a dedicated new filter fan.
1) The new filter fan of our rotary disc vacuum filter has smooth surface, well-distributed dewatering holes, and rational porosity. Both filter fans and ribs have arc-shaped edges. Then, the dehydration rate is increased, and the lifespan of filter cloth is also extended.
2) This filter fan is designed with curved head, and it features high strength. Its bottom is installed with reinforcing ribs, so it is not easily damaged or broken when being assembled or disassembled.
3) Both ribs and filter fans are reasonably positioned to lower hydraulic resistance. The large effective area of filter fan can improve the handling capacity of the rotary disc vacuum filter.
4) This component is currently one of the firmest filter fans in domestic market. In comparison with other ordinary components, both its weight and wall thickness are respectively increased by one-third. Its average lifetime is increased by 1.5-2 times.

2. Main Shaft and Filter Pipe
1) The filter pipe of our rotary disc vacuum filter is a high-strength and wear-resistant ceramic steel pipe. Due to high wall thickness, it is not easily abraded. Its lifetime is then increased by 2-3 times.
2) The filter pipe and filter fan are not connected with a flange. Instead, they are directly welded by adoption of mould positioning technology. In this way, the aging of leakage-proof rubber gasket does not occur, and the phenomenon of leakage can be avoided.
3) Each filter fan is equipped with a press plate. Both ends of the press plate are compressed respectively with stainless steel bolt and nut. This results in the high rust resistance, convenient filter-cloth replacement, and great reduction of labor intensity.

3. Mixer
Due to the special properties of iron ore powder, a filter available in the market easily causes leakage, and a common mixing system is also not durable. In this case, our company adopts the following mixer to achieve an ideal effect. This mixer is well received by users.
1) Addition of a permanent magnet can prevent mineral powder from entering the sleeve of the mixer.
2) Water seal is available.
3) Packing seal is also provided.
4) Shaft is sealed with frame sealing ring.
5) The surface of the shaft is chrome-plated, thus providing strong resistance to rust.

4. Trough
On the lower part of mixer shaft, the interior of trough adopts wear-resistant corundum coating, which can prevent the steel plate of trough from being abraded.

5. Control Panel and Friction Plate
Both control panel and friction plate are specially made from wear-resistant boron-phosphorus cast iron. They can offer outstanding sealing performance, and their service life is increased by 2-3 times.

6. Lubrication and Cleaning
A dry oil pump is utilized for automatic lubrication, and it also guarantees smooth operation of the rotary disc vacuum filter. A filter cloth is cleaned with an automatic washing machine in order to maintain superb dehydration effect.

7. Electrical Control System
Frequency converter is used for speed regulation. An ideal effect can be achieved by regulating flow and concentration of materials.

Main Applications
1. The rotary disc vacuum filter is applicable for the dewatering of various ores such as the black ores (iron ore and manganese ore), precious metal ores (gold-silver-copper ores), and the ferrous ores (lead-zinc ores).
2. As a non-metallic ore dehydrator, it can also deal with the feldspar ore, fluorite ore, andalusite ore, graphite ore, and the quartz sands.
3. In addition, the rotary disc vacuum filter serves as tailing dewatering equipment.

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