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    1. Diatomite FilterThe diatomaceous filtration system is characterized by streamlined exterior, easy operation, low filtration cost, high efficiency, and more. The clarity of filtrate can reach up to 99.8%. Proper operation even results in the removal of Escherichia coli.
      Our diatomite filter is widely applied in industries such as the white spirit
    1. Filter PlateIn accordance with different materials, it can be divided into the reinforced PP type, fiberglass PP type, thermoplastic elastomer membrane type, stainless steel type, and the cast iron type.
      An ordinary reinforced PP type filration board is commonly used when the temperature of slurry does not exceed 70 degrees Celsius.
    1. Filter ClothIt is mainly divided into the polyester type, PP type, nylon type, PVA type, polyester-polypropylene compound type, and the stainless steel mesh type, etc.
      We can help our clients select a suitable filtration fabric in accordance with specific suspensions and customer requirements for filtration precision, raw materials, and other aspects.