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Filter Cloth

1. All kinds of filter cloths can be customized by us in accordance with different filtration materials. It is mainly divided into the polyester type, PP type, nylon type, PVA type, polyester-polypropylene compound type, and the stainless steel mesh type, etc.

We can help our clients select a suitable filtration fabric in accordance with specific suspensions and customer requirements for filtration precision, raw materials, and other aspects.

2. Different types of filter cloths can offer distinct properties. We list some common performance indexes in the following table, so as to help customers select their required products.

Main Specifications
Name Performance Polyester Nylon PP PVA
Acid Resistance Good Poor Good Poor
Alkali Resistance Weak base Good Good Good
Breaking Strength (g/d) 4.3-9 4.5-9.5 4.5-9 4-10
Elongation at Break (%) 20-50 20-40 18-35 12-26
Softening Point 238-240 180-235 140-160 220-230
Melting Point 255-260 215-260 165-173 Not obvious
Specific Gravity 1.38 1.14 0.91 1.26-1.30
Chemical Name Polyethylene terephthalate Polyamide Polypropylene Polypropylene

3. After an ideal filter cloth is selected, many customers want to buy a cloth washing machine. Here we provide a supreme-quality washing machine for your convenience. This machine allows filter cloths to be washed safely and fast. It can significantly reduce labor intensity. If you have requirements, please contact us for detailed information.

Main Characteristics of Our Washing Machine
1) Inner and outer barrels are made from high-quality stainless steel. They feature smooth surface, strong corrosion resistance, small fabric abrasion, and no damage.
2) This machine provides a long service life. It is generally used for over 10 years.
3) The cover of inner barrel is equipped with a stainless steel safety lock. The cover of outer barrel is designed with electrical interlocks. The operation is safe and reliable.
4) The use of triangle belt transmission provides small vibration, stable running, and ultra high durability.

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