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Filter Plate

  • Reinforced PP Filtration Unit
  • Fiberglass Filtration Unit
  • Cast Iron Filtration Unit
  • Membrane Filtration Unit
  • Membrane Filtration Unit

1. The filter plate is an important component of a filter press. In accordance with different materials, it can be divided into the reinforced PP type, fiberglass PP type, thermoplastic elastomer membrane type, stainless steel type, and the cast iron type.
2. An ordinary reinforced PP type filration board is commonly used when the temperature of slurry does not exceed 70 degrees Celsius.
3. If the temperature of slurry ranges from 70 degrees Celsius to 100 degrees Celsius, a fiberglass PP type filtration panel will be an ideal choice.
4. If the slurry temperature exceeds 100 degrees Celsius, customers had better choose a cast-iron or stainless-steel filter plate.
5. Our clientele can select a suitable filtration unit based on specific circumstances.

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