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Plastic Bag Filter

Our plastic bag filter is made entirely from polypropylene (PP). Superior chemical properties of PP material allow this product to be ideal for filtering all kinds of acidic liquids and base liquids.

The housing of our product adopts one-off injection molding technology. Remarkable features include precise specifications, no seam, and no dead corner. This plastic bag filter is a high-quality, high-efficiency, economical and practical polypropylene bag filtration system.

1. Its housing is designed with dual specifications. Our chemical filtration system can be equipped with either a bag or a cartridge.
2. The inner surface of housing is quite smooth. Without seam or dead corner, it can be cleaned easily.
3. The upper cover of our plastic bag filter is installed with a handle. It can be easily unscrewed to replace filter materials.
4. Both cartridge and bag are designed with a carrying handle to guarantee convenient replacement and safe cleaning.

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