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Multi Bag Filter

1. The multi bag filter is ideal for high flow filtration, and it can accommodate many impurities. Also, it allows a filter bag to be replaced even after long-term use. A single machine can offer the minimum flow rate of 50tons per hour. Daily maintenance of our product is extremely convenient.
2. This fluid filtrationsysem adopts stainless steel 304 or 316, or other materials. It is suitable for handling a variety of acidic liquids, base liquids, solvents, and neutral liquids. The use of high-grade design specifications guarantees adequate corrosion allowance and the highest reliability.
3. For better satisfying the requirements of different customers and places, we can offer a kind of filtration apparatus with both heating jacket and anti-corrosion inner surface. This apparatus can bear load of less than 10kg.
4. By adoption of fluid piping design, the multi bag filter is able to greatly reduce pressure loss and energy. Outstanding sealing design combined with patented ring can overcome the side leakage problem of a traditional filtration apparatus.
5. Our product has gone through a mirror polish or sandblast matte finish.

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