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Single Bag Filter

1. The single bag filter adopts precision castings, thus featuring high-precision manufacture, very few welded seams, and stable pressure.
2. This product is designed with a typical hermetically-sealed structure. Special design of a hot-melt filter bag with steel ring or plastic ring can ensure that both filtration equipment and filtration process has almost no leakage.
3. In addition, our single bag filter is characterized by easy installation, convenient operation, and small footprint. With wide applications, it can be used for coarse filtration, moderate filtration, or refined filtration.
4. Due to the adoption of compact pipe connection and fully polished basket, no impurities are deposited inside filtration equipment and pipeline. Other advantages include high filtration efficiency and extremely small operating space.
5. All locking devices can utilize stainless steel eyebolts instead of ordinary galvanized carbon steel parts. In this way, the phenomenon of rusting bolts can be prevented after several years of use of the single bag filter.
6. For achieving the same filtration effect, our product can offer numerous advantages like low investment costs, long service life and low filtration costs, when compared with various machines such as the plate-and-frame fine filer, cartridge filter, raw water pretreatment device, and the fine filtration equipment, etc.
7. The single bag filter has a high cost-performance ratio with view to reasonable structure, low operating costs, superb filtration effect, and great handling capacity.

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