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Diatomite Filter

1. The diatomite filter, also called D.E. filter, is made from superior-quality stainless steel 1Cr8Ni9Ti. It introduces advanced technology from abroad. This product allows Chinese beverage industry to take a further step towards the world's advanced filtration technique industry.
2. The diatomaceous filtration system is characterized by streamlined exterior, easy operation, low filtration cost, high efficiency, and more. The clarity of filtrate can reach up to 99.8%. Proper operation even results in the removal of Escherichia coli.
3. Our diatomite filter is widely applied in industries such as the white spirit, yellow wine, fruit juice, and the water treatment, etc. It is highly appreciated by our customers. Our company strives to achieve an outstanding filtration effect, while simultaneously guaranteeing the supply of wear parts.
4. A horizontally-mounted or vertically-mounted diatomite filter can be customized as per customer requirements.

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