1. SS Series Top Discharge CentrifugeThe SS series top discharge centrifuge features manual top discharge. It is a filtration centrifuge with intermittent operation. This product is ideal for the separation of suspensions with solids content of at least 0.01mm. The form of solids can be granules, crystals, and more.
    1. SD Series Bag Lifting CentrifugeThis product has numerous advantages such as the rapid discharge, improved production efficiency, and the significant reduction of labor intensity.
    1. PD Series Bag Lifting CentrifugeThis series of bag lifting centrifuge abandons the traditional suspension legs. It can be installed without a base. In addition, this product adopts a heavy plate and a highly-elastic shock absorber. It gives much convenience for installation.
      The cover of the bag lifting centrifuge can be fully opened.
    1. SSB, SB Series Top Discharge CentrifugeThe general-purpose centrifugal apparatus gives a wide range of applications. It can be used for the separation of suspensions containing solid-phase granules. Also, it can act as a separator for fibrous materials.
      In addition, our top discharge centrifuge can adopt a frequency converter for smooth
    1. PS Series Manual Top Discharge Centrifuge It is also desirable for dewatering of fibrous materials. Our product is especially suitable for filtering of the high-viscosity, fine-grained, toxic or flammable materials. It is widely applied in industries including the gypsum, thiamine, starch sugar, vitamins, antibiotics dehydration, and other chemicals or pharmaceuticals.
    1. SGZ Series Automatic Bottom Discharge Centrifuge with ScraperHydraulic and electrical control systems serve to automatically accomplish various working procedures such as feeding, separation, washing, dehydration, discharge, etc. Our product can realize both long-distance and short-distance operation.
      This bottom discharge centrifuge adopts narrow scraper and low-speed discharge.
    1. PGZ Series Automatic Bottom Discharge Centrifuge with ScraperThis product can be used to separate the suspensions which contain solid-phase granules of at least 0.01mm. It can act as an ideal food dehydrator for dewatering the starch, vitamins, and the antibiotics. In metal industry, our product is perfect for dewatering of different mineral powder such as copper, zinc, aluminum, etc.
    1. LW Series Decanter CentrifugeThis product features compact structure, continuous operation, and stable running. Other prominent characteristics include great production capacity, convenient maintenance, and strong adaptability to separated materials, etc.
    1. GQ Series Tubular CentrifugeIt allows a particle with the minimum size of up to 1 micron to be separated. In particular, our product is fit for extracting, thickening and clarifying some materials which feature low content, fine particle size, highly corrosive media, and the small difference in specific gravities of solid-liquid phases, among others.