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Tubular Centrifuge

The GQ series tubular centrifuge is a centrifugal machine that has an extremely high separation factor. It allows a particle with the minimum size of up to 1 micron to be separated. In particular, our product is fit for extracting, thickening and clarifying some materials which feature low content, fine particle size, highly corrosive media, and the small difference in specific gravities of solid-liquid phases, among others.

Our product is mainly used as a solid-liquid separator or a three-phase separator in various industries such as the food, chemicals, drinks, biopharmaceuticals, blood products, intermediates, and more. It is characterized by superb separation, high yield, small footprint, convenient operation, etc.

The tubular centrifuge is mainly categorized into the GQ clarification type and the GF separation type.

1. GQ Clarification Type
The GQ clarification type tubular centrifuge is basically used to handle the suspensions that are difficult to be separated. It is especially suitable for the solid-liquid separation of suspensions which feature low concentration, low particle size, and the tiny difference in specific gravities of solid-liquid phases.

High-density solids are gradually settled against the inner wall of the rotary drum, and then form a sediment layer. They will be discharged manually after the machine stops working. The clarified liquid flows to the top of the rotary drum, and then it is discharged from a liquid outlet.

Main Applications
1) For instance, this type of tubular centrifuge is ideal for clarifying of various oral liquids, chlorhexidine gluconate, malic acid, and menispermum dauricum DC.
2) It is also perfect for extracting of coal tar, graphite, various proteins, algae, and pectin.
3) In addition, this product is used for honey refining, blood separation, vaccine mycelium, and the sedimentation of various glucoses.
4) It can also purify the paints, dyes, various resins, and the rubber solution.

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