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Automatic Bottom Discharge Centrifuge with Scraper

Structure and Characteristics
1. The PGZ series centrifuge with scraper is an automatic bottom discharge system. It is also a kind of batch filtration apparatus. Feedstock is added into a rotary drum from the top of our machine.
2. With the support of centrifugal force, liquid will be discharged through filter media. Solids will stay in the drum. They will be removed with a scraper out of the bottom of our product, after the rotary drum slows down.
3. The automatic bottom discharge centrifuge with scraper is characterized by stable running, convenient operation, and more.
4. Its program can be preset in accordance with operating requirements. Our equipment can automatically complete different working procedures such as feeding, separation, washing, dewatering, discharge, etc. It can realize both long-distance and short-distance operation.
5. Other remarkable features include superior separating effect, great handling capacity, and high degree of automation.
6. This series of centrifuge gets rid of traditional suspension legs. It is configured with a heavy plate and a highly-elastic shock absorber. A base is not needed in our product.
7. In addition, a PG series manual bottom discharge centrifuge with scraper is also provided.

This product can be used to separate the suspensions which contain solid-phase granules of at least 0.01mm. It can act as an ideal food dehydrator for dewatering the starch, vitamins, and the antibiotics. In metal industry, our product is perfect for dewatering of different mineral powder such as copper, zinc, aluminum, etc.

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