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Automatic Bottom Discharge Centrifuge with Scraper

Main Features and Applications
1. The SGZ series automatic bottom discharge centrifuge with scraper is an automatic centrifugal filter which adopts intermittent operation and PLC control system. Program of the batch centrifugal machine can be preset upon request.
2. Hydraulic and electrical control systems serve to automatically accomplish various working procedures such as feeding, separation, washing, dehydration, discharge, etc. Our product can realize both long-distance and short-distance operation.
3. This bottom discharge centrifuge adopts narrow scraper and low-speed discharge. Therefore, our product is used extensively for the separation of suspensions which contain solid-phase granules with granularity from 0.05mm to 0.15mm. In addition, the scraper centrifuge is particularly suitable for separating the heat-sensitive materials, unbroken crystalline grains, or other materials unapproachable to operators.
4. Advantages of the bottom discharge centrifuge include great handling capacity, superb separation, stable running, convenient operation, high degree of automation, and more.

Ordering Information
In view of different separation requirements, we have designed various types of machines to satisfy customers. While placing an order, our clientele can confirm the following.

1. Raw Material
Optional raw materials in contact with feedstock include the stainless steel, titanium materials, carbon steel, rubber lining, plastic lining, and more.

2. Driving Method
Customers can choose an ordinary induction motor or a flameproof induction motor. Either electromagnetic control or frequency control is available.

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