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Manual Top Discharge Centrifuge

Structural Features
The PS series manual top discharge centrifuge is popular among customers.
1. Its remarkable features include high cleanliness, strong blast resistance, and outstanding sealing performance.
2. In terms of structure, this manual top discharge centrifuge is a sealed centrifugal filter with intermittent operation.
3. During operation, feedstock is added into the rotary drum from a feed pipe of the sealed housing of our product. Under the action of centrifugal force, liquid will be discharged through filter media, and solids will stay in the drum. After the machine stops working, its cover will be opened. Then, solids will be discharged from the top of our machine. This machine features stable running and convenient operation. Feeding, washing and dewatering are conducted in a sealed environment.
4. The manual top discharge centrifuge is configured with a heavy plate and a highly-elastic shock absorber. Additionally, it is installed without a base, thus being used and maintained conveniently.
5. The rotary drum, housing and flat board have gone through a polished finish. Both fasteners and transmission are made from stainless steel, which guarantees long lifespan of our machine.
6. This top discharging centrifuge can be cleaned easily. All its sealing elements are formed by silicone rubber. Spray cleaning system is also provided. This self-cleaning centrifugal separator conforms to GMP standard.
7. Its housing is configured with a large flip-open cover, which provides convenient discharge and high sealing performance. In particular, our manual top discharge centrifuge is suitable for the solid-liquid separation of toxic and harmful media.
8. This type of machine is also ideal for the solid-liquid separation of flammable and explosive substances, due to the adoption of a variable-frequency drive of an explosion-proof motor, an anti-static triangular belt, and nitrogen protection system.

This series of manual top discharge centrifuge is fit for filtering suspensions which contain solid-phase granules. It is also desirable for dewatering of fibrous materials. Our product is especially suitable for filtering of the high-viscosity, fine-grained, toxic or flammable materials. It is widely applied in industries including the gypsum, thiamine, starch sugar, vitamins, antibiotics dehydration, and other chemicals or pharmaceuticals.

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