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Bag Lifting Centrifuge

Structure and Characteristics
1. The PD series bag lifting centrifuge is a kind of sealed filtration equipment with intermittent operation. It allows feedstock to be added into the top opening of a drum. Under the action of centrifugal force, liquid will be discharged through filter media, and solids will stay in the rotary drum. After that, both liquid blocking plate and filter bag will be lifted and sent to the destination for discharging materials.
2. Prominent advantages of the equipment include smooth startup, adjustable separation factor, and great capacity. In addition, we have taken into account many practical problems that may occur during operation. After repeated experiments, this machine features rapid discharge and high safety.
3. This series of bag lifting centrifuge abandons the traditional suspension legs. It can be installed without a base. In addition, this product adopts a heavy plate and a highly-elastic shock absorber. It gives much convenience for installation.
4. The cover of the bag lifting centrifuge can be fully opened. Its motor has overload, overheating, and overcurrent protection. Considerate design can guarantee a safe operation when our client utilizes this product.

1. This series of product is perfect for the separation of suspensions with the solids content of at least 0.01mm. It is especially suitable for the filtration of toxic or flammable materials.
2. Our bag lifting centrifuge is broadly applicable in industries such as the chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and the light industry, etc. For instance, it can deal with the gypsum, thiamine, soda, rubber additives, dyes, plastics, sugar and vitamin. It is also an ideal dewatering machine for copper, zinc, aluminum and other mineral powder.

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