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Top Discharge Centrifuge

Characteristics and Applications
The SS series top discharge centrifuge features manual top discharge. It is a filtration centrifuge with intermittent operation. This product is ideal for the separation of suspensions with solids content of at least 0.01mm. The form of solids can be granules, crystals, and more. Additionally, this machine can act as a dehydrator for textiles, yarn bundle and other substances.

This series of centrifugal machine possesses simple structure and convenient operation. All operating procedures can be adjusted upon request. Therefore, filter residues can be fully washed, and the solids are not easily damaged. With strong adaptability, our top discharge centrifuge is used extensively in various industries including the chemicals, textiles, food, pharmaceuticals, metallurgy, mining, rare earth, environmental protection, and the light industry, etc.

Ordering Information
In view of different separation requirements, we have designed various types of top discharge centrifuge. While our customer is placing an order, please confirm the following.
1. Optional materials in contact with feedstock include the stainless steel, titanium, carbon steel, rubber lining, PTFE lining, and more.
2. Selectable drive method can be an ordinary induction motor, an anti-explosion induction motor, or a variable-frequency anti-explosion motor.
3. Either rear-axes brake or expanding brake is available.
4. Our product can be installed with a base. If a shock absorber is provided, the casting base will not be required.

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