Filter Press

    1. Automatic Filter Press

      The reinforced polypropylene filter plate is formed by several patented technologies. It gives smooth surface, high strength, light weight, and strong chemical resistance. Additionally, it is odorless and non-toxic.
      An automatic hydraulic unit is utilized to press and release the filter plate.

    1. Membrane Filter Press

      Polypropylene membrane gives ultra strong resistance to both chemicals and ageing. It is durable, odorless, and non-toxic. High-elasticity formulation provides the optimum membrane effect to squeeze and dewater the filter cakes directly. Built-in suspension structure features convenient installation

    1. Hydraulic Compressing Filter Press

      This hydraulic compressing filter press adopts a hydraulic station to supply pressure stably, and also drive a press plate to compress all filter plates.
      Once a pressure gauge reaches a preset value, the press plate will stop working, while simultaneously the hydraulic station will continue running to maintain a certain amount of pressure.

    1. High Efficiency Filter PressEach filter plate is connected with a stainless steel chain. It is pulled at one time under the action of an oil cylinder, which allows the compressed filter cakes to fall down automatically. This method greatly reduces the discharging time, and also increases the utilization rate of our product.
    1. Mechanical Compressing Filter PressAn integrated protector is used to realize automatic control. It can provide the motor with both overheating and overload protection.
      If our customers have no demand for the degree of automation, please give preference to this cost-effective pressure filter.
    1. Manual Compressing Filter PressThe compression unit is a power device of our manual compressing filter press. Its main components include the pinion, big gear wheel, and the screw rod, among others.
      The entire machine features rational structure and stable performance. It also possesses easy operation, convenient maintenance, and broad applications.
    1. Cast Iron Filter PressDue to high strength, the filter plate can suffer a strong filtration pressure. Its elastic strength can reach over 450MPa, and its yield strength exceeds 280MPa.
      Cast iron construction allows our cast iron filter press to give ultra strong resistance to high temperature. The applicable temperature can reach 280 degrees Celsius.
    1. Stainless Steel Filter Press

      Therefore, it features strong corrosion resistance and high durability. Its filter plate adopts thread-like structure.
      Filter materials are replaceable in accordance with different filter media and production processes such as the primary filter, half fine filter, and the fine filter.

    1. Round Plate Filter PressOur sewage treatment equipment gives ultra strong resistance to high pressure, and the maximum pressure can reach 2.5MPa. In response to the heavy demand in stone industry, this machine allows the maximum output of filter cakes to reach up to 18tons each time.
    1. Stainless Steel Plate and Frame Filter PressBy adoption of silicone seals, all sealing components can offer an outstanding sealing performance. It is resistant to high temperature. No toxicity or leakage is caused.
      In addition, our stainless steel plate and frame filter press utilizes a sealed pressure filter

1. Summary
Filter press can be categorized into plate-and-frame filter press and chamber filter press. It is a kind of intermittent pressure filtration equipment for the solid-liquid separation of various suspensions.

This machine is mainly composed of frame and filter plate. The frame holds the filter plate together. Then, suspensions are pressurized into a filter chamber by adoption of a feed pump. Finally, solids can be separated from liquid substances in use of filter cloths.

The filter press made by HI-TOPER is guaranteed with superior quality. It has been exported to many regions around the world. Our clientele can contact us for more information about our product in accordance with service conditions and their requirements. We will actively reply to any question.

2. An Introduction to Our Product
Our company supplies all kinds of chamber filter press, plate-and-frame filter press, hydraulic filter press, membrane filter press, quick-opening filter press, fully automatic filter press, and accessories. Our product features dependable quality and a complete range of specifications.
1) Our filter plate can be divided into 320 type, 450 type, 630 type, 800 type, 870 type, 1000 type, 1250 type, 1500 type, 2000 type, and more.
2) Filtration area reaches up to 2000m2.
3) The filter plate can be made from different materials such as cast iron, stainless steel, reinforced polypropylene, fiberglass polypropylene, etc.
4) Available flow forms include visible flow, invisible flow, washable solids, non-washable solids, middle feed, corner feed, and more.
5) Optional compression methods include the manual spiral compressing, mechanical compressing, and the hydraulic compressing. A special filter press can be agreed on upon request.

3. Precautions for Ordering a Filter Press
Please refer to an introduction to a filter press and various technical parameters first. Then, our customers can choose the machine type, plate-and-frame material, compression method, and the filtration method upon request.
1) Based on product demands, please give clear indication of the free flow, subterranean flow, washing, or no washing in a contract.
2) The entire machine does not comprise a feed pump. Please give clear indication in a contract, if accessories need to be supplied.
3) Considering the special needs of customers, our company can offer non-standard but suitable machines.