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Round Plate Filter Press

TOPER round plate filter press is a kind of solids-liquid separator. It is perfect for sewage treatment in stone industry. Due to the propulsion of market requirements, Chinese stone industry achieves a double-digit annual growth rate. It will still maintain rapid growth over the next few years. Based on our industry knowledge, we recommend this round plate filter press to our clients.

Our sewage treatment equipment gives ultra strong resistance to high pressure, and the maximum pressure can reach 2.5MPa. In response to the heavy demand in stone industry, this machine allows the maximum output of filter cakes to reach up to 18tons each time. It is available in different models to meet the requirements of customers for practical operation.

1. The maximum allowable pressure reaches up to 2.5MPa.
2. After filtration, the water content of filter cakes is quite low. It ranges from 15 to 18%.
3. The maximum output of filter cakes provided by each liquid separator can reach 18tons each time.
4. This round plate filter press is broadly applicable for the dewatering of various concentrates and tailings such as the rare earth, bauxite, argil, petuntse, kaolin, bentonite, red mud, diatomaceous earth, activated clay, and more.

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