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Stainless Steel Filter Press

1. TOPER stainless steel filter press is constructed from 304 or 316L type superior-quality stainless steel. Therefore, it features strong corrosion resistance and high durability. Its filter plate adopts thread-like structure.
2. Filter materials are replaceable in accordance with different filter media and production processes such as the primary filter, half fine filter, and the fine filter. Optional filter materials include the microporous membrane, filter paper, filter cloth, clarification plate, and more. The microporous membrane can achieve a goal of aseptic filtration. Based on different filtration volumes, users can regulate the number of layers to meet production needs.
3. In addition, a multi-stage filter device can be specially designed to cater for the needs of users. A first stage of coarse filter materials and a second stage of fine filter materials can not only save time, but also improve filtration precision. All its sealing components adopt silicone seals, thus featuring high sealing performance, no toxicity, no leakage, and strong resistance to high temperature.
4. The stainless steel filter press can be designed with an automatic backflow device as per customer's requirements.  After a pump stops running, a backflow valve needs to be opened. All sediments will be discharged automatically, while simultaneously clean water is used for backflushing from a return pipe.

The stainless steel filter press is made up of the feeding pump, motor, compression unit, press plate, filter plate, thrust plate, and the pressure gauge.

1. The sealed pressure filter is utilized to reduce the loss of filtrate consumption.
2. Filter media can be replaced to meet the requirements of different filters such as semi-precision filter and precision filter.
3. The quantity of filter plates can be regulated to meet the demand for different filtration volumes.
4. The filter plate is designed with a plane threaded mesh, which can be washed easily. Additionally, it can extend the service life of filter media, and also reduce costs.
5. The stainless steel filter press is installed with rubber wheels, so that it can be moved flexibly.
6. Its hydraulic rod is designed with dustproof cover, which can extend the lifespan of our equipment.

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