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Cast Iron Filter Press

TOPER cast iron filter press is made from high-quality cast iron or nodular cast iron. It is an ideal filter for high-temperature materials. This pressurized filter is formed by the frame, hydraulic cylinder, press plate, thrust plate, cast-iron filter plate, filter cloth, hydraulic station, and the control cabinet.

Remarkable Features
1. Due to high strength, the filter plate can suffer a strong filtration pressure. Its elastic strength can reach over 450MPa, and its yield strength exceeds 280MPa.
2. Cast iron construction allows our cast iron filter press to give ultra strong resistance to high temperature. The applicable temperature can reach 280 degrees Celsius.
3. The use of PLC automatic control system can not only improve working efficiency, but also help customers save much labor cost.
4. This type of cast iron filter press is used extensively for solid-liquid separation in industries such as petrochemical, metallurgy, grease, ceramics, and more.
5. Customers can select a suitable filter machine with view to different materials and floor area. Welcome to make contact with us.

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