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Manual Compressing Filter Press

The manual compressing filter press is a kind of filtering equipment, which adopts a jack to force a press plate to work. It is constructed from the frame, press plate, thrust plate, filter plate, filter cloth, and the jack.

Due to simple structure, this product pertains to a maintenance-free liquid filter. It is an ideal choice for users who require a machine with small handling capacity and no maintenance.

The manual compressing filter press has been exported to numerous countries and regions including Morocco, Sudan, Egypt,Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Thailand,Malaysia, etc. This product is made under strict quality control. It also gives a warranty period, so clients can feel secure to buy our product.

Working Principle
When a hand wheel rotates, both pinion and big gear wheel can drive a screw rod to pull a press plate. Then, both filter plate and filter cloth are compressed between a press plate and a thrust plate, so as to guarantee the pressure filtration of slurry in a filter chamber.

1. Frame
As a base for our manual compressing filter press, the frame is used to support a filtration unit, and also connect other components. It is mainly composed of the thrust plate, press plate, compression unit, and the main beam.
2. Filtration Unit
The filtration unit consists of filter plates and filter cloths, which can form several filter chambers. Filter plates are arranged on the main beam in order. Filter clothes are placed between two filter plates.
3. Compression Unit
The compression unit is a power device of our manual compressing filter press. Its main components include the pinion, big gear wheel, and the screw rod, among others.
4. The entire machine features rational structure and stable performance. It also possesses easy operation, convenient maintenance, and broad applications.

The manual compressing filter press is an ideal apparatus for the solid-liquid separation of various suspensions. It is widely applied in industries including the petroleum, chemicals, dyes, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, food, papermaking, and the sewage treatment, etc. Additionally, this product is a perfect filter for small-scale applications with the filtration pressure of less than 0.4MPa.

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