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Mechanical Compressing Filter Press

1. The mechanical compressing filter press is composed of the frame, press plate, thrust plate, filter plate, filter cloth, control box, motor, and the speed reducer. Due to simple structure, it can offer striking advantages such as low procurement cost and convenient maintenance. In addition, this mechanical dewatering device does not require a technician to solve any problem, thus saving much labor cost.
2. A motor drives a speed reducer. Then, a press plate is forced to compress filter plates, so as to realize solid-liquid separation. This mechanical compressing filter press is available in different sizes. Our customer can choose a suitable machine in accordance with floor area and filtration area.
3. Our compression screws and retaining nuts are designed with a dependable self-locking helix angle, which enhances both stability and safety of the mechanical compressing filter press.
4. A hydraulic rod is unique in its dustproof cover, which can protect our mechanized press and also extend its service life.
5. An integrated protector is used to realize automatic control. It can provide the motor with both overheating and overload protection.
6. If our customers have no demand for the degree of automation, please give preference to this cost-effective pressure filter.

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