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High Efficiency Filter Press

The high efficiency filter press is designed and manufactured by us in accordance with our market research and the feedback of our customer. It is a filtration system with plate synchronic shifting.

1. Our high efficiency filter press adopts PLC control system that can realize automatic plate-compressing and cake-discharging process.
2. As a quick-opening pressure filter, this product spends quite short time on discharging filter cakes. It is different from a traditional machine which needs to pull filter plates one by one. Long stroke of its oil cylinder results in large discharge area.
3. Each filter plate is connected with a stainless steel chain. It is pulled at one time under the action of an oil cylinder, which allows the compressed filter cakes to fall down automatically. This method greatly reduces the discharging time, and also increases the utilization rate of our product.
4. A plate vibrating device can be mounted on this kind of machine.
5. Due to simple operation and great labor reduction, our high efficiency filter press is ideal for use in all small and medium-sized companies. For betting improving working efficiency, customers are always looking for small to medium-sized machines instead of traditional jacking equipment. In this case, our filtration machine gradually captures the market to meet the requirements of customers.

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