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Membrane Filter Press

TOPER membrane filter press is different from a common chamber filter press, because it can realize the secondary squeezing and dewatering of filter cakes to further lower water content. Its filter plate consists of a membrane plate and a recessed plate.

The membrane filter press allows high-pressure fluid to be injected between a filter plate and a membrane. Then, a whole membrane bulges and compresses the filter cakes for further dewatering.

Our membrane filter press basically comprises the frame, press plate, thrust plate, filter plate, filter cloth, hydraulic station, control cabinet, air pump/water pump, air-blow metal pipe, and the air hose.

1. The membrane filter press makes use of the power produced by gas, water or oil, so that the filter cakes can be squeezed and dewatered twice. The minimum water content of the filter cakes can reach 10-14%.
2. Lowered energy consumption and shortened filtration cycle
3. Low-pressure filtration and high-pressure squeezing can not only prevent the occurrence of differential pressure, but also extend the service life of our dewatering presses.
4. Polypropylene membrane gives ultra strong resistance to both chemicals and ageing. It is durable, odorless, and non-toxic. High-elasticity formulation provides the optimum membrane effect to squeeze and dewater the filter cakes directly. Built-in suspension structure features convenient installation and reliable sealing performance. Special construction and materials allow the ultrafiltration membrane to suffer higher squeezing pressure and then make filter cakes much drier than before.
5. The membrane filter press adopts an automatic hydraulic unit to press and release a filter plate. It utilizes an electric contact pressure gauge to realize automatic pressure-maintaining process. Additionally, this machine is designed with an automatic pulling plate to push and pull the filter plate automatically.
6. The frame of our product is entirely made from welded steel, which features high strength, stable structure, and long service life. Thus, it is firm enough to support a strong force caused by filtration.
7. This membrane filter press comes with multiple configurations such as PLC control system and relay control system, which allows an operation panel to be used easily and safely. Also, it is equipped with several safety devices to guarantee the safety of all operators.
8. The main beam of our membrane filters is installed with a one-off and wear-resistant nonmetal track. It features truss-bridge retractable structure.
9. The hydraulic rod is specially designed with a dustproof cover in order to extend the lifespan of our equipment.

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