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Automatic Filter Press

Our automatic filter press adopts PLC control system to conduct all operations such as the plate shifting, the pressing of filter plate, as well as the open and close of bomb door. With a remote control interface, this product can realize automatic operation under remote control. Based on customer requirements, we supply the cloth vibrating system, drip tray, cake storage hopper, and the cloth washing system. Pressing power is derived from a hydraulic unit.

This automatic filter press is composed of the hydraulic station, control box, frame, hydraulic cylinder, piston rod, press plate, thrust plate, and the plate shifting device.

  • 1. Control Box
    2. Pressure Gage
    3. Cylinder
    4. Hydraulic Station
  • 5. Plate Shifting Device
    6. Press Plate
    7. Beam
  • 8. Drip Tray
    9. Thrust Plate
    10. Filter Plate

1. Our hydraulic rod is unique in its dustproof cover, which can extend the service life of our automatic filter press.
2. Due to high efficiency, the pressure filter can reduce time by 1-2 hours in comparison with common filter presses.
3. Its automatic plate shifting system helps save much labor cost.
4. A single automatic filter press can offer the maximum filter-cake output of up to 35tons each time.
5. Its cycling times can reach at most 4 per hour.
6. The reinforced polypropylene filter plate is formed by several patented technologies. It gives smooth surface, high strength, light weight, and strong chemical resistance. Additionally, it is odorless and non-toxic.
7. An automatic hydraulic unit is utilized to press and release the filter plate. The adoption of an electric contact pressure gauge can realize automatic pressure-maintaining process. In addition, an automatic pulling plate is used to pull and push the filter plate automatically.
8. The frame is constructed from high-intensity welded steel, which features stable structure and long lifespan. Therefore, it is able to withstand the strong force resulting from filtration.
9. This automatic filter press is equipped with numerous configurations such as PLC control system and relay control system. Thus, its operation panel can be used easily and safely. This machine is also designed with multiple safety devices to secure operators.
10. The main beam of automatic filtration system is configured with a one-off and wear-resistant nonmetal track. The main frame is a truss-bridge retractable structure.
11. Automatic filter-cloth vibrating system can be installed upon request. It allows the filter clothes between two filter plates to form a certain angle of inclination. Under the action of spring, the filter clothes can vibrate to be separated from filter cakes automatically.
12. This automatic filter press can be installed with automatic filter-cloth cleaning system as per customer's requirements.
13. Roller chain transmission moves synchronously.
14. The plate shifting device, chain wheel chute and other parts are made from stainless steel. Uneven shifting force caused by corrosion never occurs. Then, smooth operation can be guaranteed.
15. A plate shifting device can prevent slurry from entering the automatic filter press. It is characterized by low noise, easy maintenance, smooth operation, and more. This device is specially constructed from pusher dog and spring. It can easily separate two filter plates especially in the case of highly viscous slurry.
16. An emergency stop device is available. If an emergency situation occurs, a rope can be pulled in order to stop and protect the solid liquid separation equipment.

  • Plate Shifting Device
  • Emergency Stop Rope
  • Filter Cloth Vibrating Device
  • Filter Cloth Washing Device
  • Dust Proof Cover for Hydraulic Rod
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